Submit and Receive your TDL Online


The Government of Alberta is now accepting applications electronically for the temporary diversion of water under the Water Act. Users and new registrants can access the site at the Log-in button to the right.

The Government of Alberta has automated the decision-making for low-risk TDL applications and streamlined the issuance of all TDLs. Once enrolled, you or your designated representative can submit a TDL application and any supporting documentation as well as retrieve historical temporary diversion licence information.

For more information on TDLs, see:

At this time, the Government of Alberta will continue to accept paper TDL application forms. The form can be found under Forms /Applications > Water Act Forms on the left menu.

For further information on the WATERS – Water Act TDL Electronic Review System, please see:

System Requirements

Submitting a TDL application electronically will require an internet connection that is sufficient to support the system and the internet browser supports a flash viewer. (Note:. iPhones and iPads are not currently supported.) We recommend a high speed connection to provide ample support for the map components of the system. Slower connection speeds will work, but the response time could be slow and might not provide you a positive experience using the system. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher and Firefox 3.5 or higher.

Additional Information

Red Deer River Tributary

These two files complement the Red Deer River Basin TDL (Temporary Diversion Licence) Schedules in WATERS and provide important website address locations that TDL licence holders may rely upon to be in compliance of their licensing conditions. WATERS supports TDL Schedules but not additional supplemental information to the Schedules; therefore, these two files are hyperlinked from the Schedules in WATERS and require public access.

View Current Water Restrictions in the Province

Before submitting a TDL application, you can preview whether your proposed water source is closed or if it will be subject to review by an approval coordinator.


If you have questions about submitting TDL applications electronically, contact:

Regulatory Approvals Centre
Phone: 780 427-6311 (toll-free in Alberta after dialing 310-0000)

For WATERS application help and troubleshooting, contact:

For login/password issues only, contact:

Hours of support are Monday through Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays) from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.