Targeted enrolment expansion

Alberta has invested in new seats in high demand programs at post-secondary institutions since 2022.


Advanced Education plays an important role when it comes to supporting Alberta’s economy and growth. The ministry is responsible for ensuring that students gain the skills and qualifications they need to have successful careers in Alberta’s workforce.

Targeted enrolment expansion, which began in 2022, invests in new seats in high demand programs at post-secondary institutions across the province. By creating more space in high demand programs in key economic sectors, there will be more graduates with the skills and training that employers are looking for to support the growth of key industries. Students will have more pathways to successful careers, and our economy and communities will benefit.

To date, this historic program has created over 12,500 seats with a total investment of more than $225 million.

Investment by region

Total Funding and Seat Increases by Region

RegionRound 1 (2022-2025)Round 2 (2023-2026)
Funding ($)
Funding ($)

Investment by economic sector

Total Funding and Seat Increase by Economic Sector

Economic SectorRound 1 (2022-2025)Round 2 (2023-2026)
Funding ($)
Funding ($)
Airline/Aviation Management6,895,000151--
Animal Health2,175,000162--
Business Admin & Management46,262,0003,4962,816,850222
Computer Engineering Technologies3,068,00096--
Early Childhood Education3,503,000254--
Film Production1,969,000354--
Health Care Aide6,203,0001,090--
Mechanical Engineering11,050,000477--
Physician Assistant--6,845,27440
Physical Sciences10,841,000450--
Public Health--288,4806
Social Work718,50075--
Health Technician--4,951,76633
Grand Total171,000,0009,97654,048,1172,548

Investment by institution

Total Funding and Seat Increase by Post-Secondary Institution

Post-Secondary InstitutionRound 1 (2022-2025)Round 2 (2023-2026)
Funding ($)
Total SeatsTotal
Funding ($)
Total Seats
Alberta University for the Arts--394,70466
Ambrose University198,00030537,59945
Athabasca University165,000120637,000420
Bow Valley College4,641,2333661,692,31898
Burman University600,000881,209,28060
Concordia University of Edmonton1,573,0691001,242,29960
Keyano College1,292,200961,173,66593
Lakeland College993,062135--
Lethbridge College1,280,502551,248,77238
MacEwan University4,003,6444805,220,476216
Medicine Hat College324,462302,105,08496
Mount Royal University7,925,7204564,035,499250
NorQuest College7,092,8467691,060,19793
Northern Lakes College436,920150429,09060
Northwestern Polytechnic416,7711911,354,364128
Olds College434,77690562,32660
Portage College1,731,298175875,00096
Red Deer Polytechnic4,567,8237111,328,200180
St. Mary's University148,00030230,23550
The King’s University--269,24030
University of Alberta48,394,895323110,387,030116
University of Calgary61,031,589153712,176,646136
University of Lethbridge3,711,039118638,53219
Provincial Total171,000,0009,97654,048,1172,548

Round 1 Funding

Targeted enrolment expansion funding by post-secondary institution and program

RegionProgramFunding ($)Seats
Calgary 84,737,7433,026
Ambrose UniversityBusiness198,00030
Bow Valley CollegeBusiness Administration and Management206,26630
Bow Valley CollegeFoundation in Entertainment Arts278,88545
Bow Valley CollegeHealth Care Aide1,537,38496
Bow Valley CollegeInformation Technology Systems263,64520
Bow Valley CollegePractical Nurse2,275,188160
Bow Valley CollegeSoftware Development79,86515
Mount Royal UniversityBachelor of Computer Information Systems1,018,48590
Mount Royal UniversityBachelor of Science, Computer Science1,342,588120
Mount Royal UniversityBusiness Administration5,564,647246
SAITAircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology5,455,90058
SAITAircraft Structures Technician1,439,55093
SAITAvionics Technology868,60048
SAITBusiness Administration1,338,660108
SAITFilm and Video Production1,690,491300
St. Mary's UniversitySocial Responsibility & Critical Entrepreneurship148,00030
University of CalgaryBachelor of Commerce5,940,000275
University of CalgaryBachelor of Nursing - Rural and Indigenous Route6,330,00072
University of CalgaryBachelor of Science, Data Science7,065,000175
University of CalgaryBSc Computer Science11,585,000270
University of CalgaryBSc in Electrical/Mechanical (Minor in Aerospace)1,980,00060
University of CalgaryBSc Software Engineering6,930,000210
University of CalgaryData Science and Analytics, Masters4,300,000105
University of CalgaryInformation Security and Privacy, Masters1,965,00037
University of CalgaryMaster of Engineering Software Engineering2,700,000150
University of CalgaryNursing, Masters2,463,000120
University of CalgaryQuantum Computing, Masters1,360,00048
University of CalgaryVeterinary Medicine8,413,58915
Central 5,602,599889
Burman UniversityBusiness Administration600,00088
Olds CollegeVeterinary Technical Assistant434,77690
Red Deer PolytechnicAnimation and Visual Effects225,77622
Red Deer PolytechnicBachelor of Science, Nursing2,468,160168
Red Deer PolytechnicComputer Programming591,93340
Red Deer PolytechnicHealth Care Aide97,500150
Red Deer PolytechnicLicensed Practical Nurse to BSc Nursing198,97148
Red Deer PolytechnicMachine Learning Analyst341,91475
Red Deer PolytechnicMedical Laboratory Assistant118,60164
Red Deer PolytechnicPractical Nurse524,968144
Edmonton 70,308,4044,991
Concordia University of EdmontonInformation Technology652,50060
Concordia University of EdmontonMaster of Science in Information Technology920,56940
MacEwan UniversityBachelor of Child and Youth Care566,66460
MacEwan UniversityBachelor of Commerce1,267,200240
MacEwan UniversityBachelor of Science, Nursing1,398,840120
MacEwan UniversityPsychiatric Nursing770,94060
NAITAccounting and Analytics1,707,82596
NAITComputer Engineering Technology3,068,63596
NAITDigital Media and IT1,537,17175
NAITVeterinary Medical Assistant1,222,49448
NorQuest CollegeEarly Learning & Child Care2,937,121194
NorQuest CollegeHealth Care Aide - Workplace566,267230
NorQuest CollegeMachine Learning Analyst1,364,013120
NorQuest CollegeRural Health Care Aide with Mobile Lab2,225,445225
University of AlbertaBachelor of Science10,841,400450
University of AlbertaBusiness26,892,1372,232
University of AlbertaEngineering Undergrad8,094,912336
University of AlbertaEngineering, Graduate975,72681
University of AlbertaNursing1,590,720132
North Eastern 4,016,560406
Keyano CollegeHealth Care Aide465,60050
Keyano CollegePrimary Care Paramedic826,60046
Lakeland CollegeAnimal Health Technology518,05424
Lakeland CollegeHealth Care Aide475,008111
Portage CollegeCommunity Social Work718,50075
Portage CollegeComputer Science222,24828
Portage CollegePractical Nurse790,55072
North Western 1,018,691461
Athabasca UniversityMaster of Science in Information Systems165,000120
Northern Lakes CollegeHealth Care Aide eSTEP436,920150
Northwestern PolytechnicCollaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing158,55495
Northwestern PolytechnicHealth Care Aide74,97248
Northwestern PolytechnicPractical Nurse183,24548
South 5,316,003203
Lethbridge CollegeAgricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician407,69136
Lethbridge CollegeBachelor of Nursing872,81119
Medicine Hat CollegeHealth Care Aide324,46230
University of LethbridgeBachelor of Business Admin and Management691,71825
University of LethbridgeComputer Science1,503,77447
University of LethbridgeMaster of Science, Management, Business Analytics1,182,59730
University of LethbridgeNursing332,95016
Grand Total 171,000,0009,976

Round 2 Funding

Targeted enrolment expansion funding by post-secondary institution and program

Calgary 21,998,703735
Alberta University of the ArtsObject Design and Fabrication394,70466
Ambrose UniversityBachelor of Arts (Behavioural Science) and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)537,59945
Bow Valley College3D Animation488,95225
Bow Valley CollegeAdvanced Visual Effects466,67025
Bow Valley CollegePractical Nurse (Online)736,69648
Mount Royal UniversityBachelor of Science in Data Science4,035,499250
SAITAdvanced Care Paramedic1,606,13436
SAITPrimary Care Paramedic1,325,56854
St. Mary's UniversityMasters of Education in Catholic Leadership230,23550
University of CalgaryBachelor of Nursing5,331,37296
University of CalgaryMaster of Physician Asst6,845,27440
Central 10,537,956388
Burman UniversityBachelor of Business Admin1,209,28060
Olds CollegeAnimal Health Tech562,32660
Red Deer PolytechnicAdministrative Professional96,03172
Red Deer PolytechnicMedical Device Technologist (Lethbridge College)681,07360
Red Deer PolytechnicPharmacy Technician551,09648
University of Alberta (Augustana Campus)Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (OT)2,473,07630
University of Alberta (Augustana Campus)Master of Science in Physical Therapy (PT)2,425,42228
University of Alberta (Augustana Campus)Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology2,539,65230
Edmonton 13,049,951475
Concordia University of EdmontonBachelor of Management1,242,29960
MacEwan UniversityBachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)3,048,435144
MacEwan UniversityPsychiatric Nursing Diploma2,172,04172
NAITAdvanced Care Paramedic (ACP) and Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)2,308,85948
NorQuest CollegeMedical Device Reprocessing Technician1,060,19793
The King's UniversityBachelor of Commerce, Information Systems Concentration269,24030
University of AlbertaBachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science2,660,40022
University of AlbertaMaster of Science in Public Health288,4806
North Eastern 2,048,665189
Keyano CollegeBachelor of Science Nursing (with UofA)738,05048
Keyano CollegePrimary Care Paramedic435,61545
Portage CollegeParamedicine875,00096
North Western 2,420,455608
Athabasca UniversityBachelor of Science (Major in Computing and Information Systems)143,000360
Athabasca UniversityPost-Licensed Practical Nurse Bachelor of Nursing (In collaboration with Northern Lakes College)494,00060
Northern Lakes CollegePost-Licensed Practical Nurse Bachelor of Nursing (In collaboration with Athabasca University)429,09060
Northwestern PolytechnicPractical Nurse985,77780
Northwestern PolytechnicPrimary Care Paramedic368,58748
South 3,992,388153
Medicine Hat CollegePractical Nurse2,105,08496
Lethbridge CollegeBachelor of Nursing (with UofL)1,248,77238
University of LethbridgeBachelor of Nursing (with LC)638,53219
Grand Total 54,048,1172,548