Student complaints

How students resolve problems or issues with their private career college.


If you have a problem or concern, try working through the issue with your private career college. If this process does not resolve your issue, you have 6 months from the last date you attended the program to submit a complaint to Alberta Advanced Education’s Private Career Colleges branch.

Government is only able to investigate complaints about:

  • improper tuition refunds being issued
  • false or misleading information provided when you enrol
  • general compliance issues, such as instructor qualifications

Government does not have the authority to:

Complaint process

Research the college’s policies

See if your concern is addressed in your private career college's student rules and policies. If you don't know where to find your college's policy information, ask them to provide a copy. Your college is required to share their rules and policies with you as part of their program licensing agreement.

Check your contract

Look at the student enrolment contract you signed to see if it addresses the issue you are having. Work with your college to resolve the issue within the parameters of your contract. If you didn’t keep a copy of your contract, ask your college for a copy.

Talk to your college

All private career colleges offering licensed programs are required to have a process for resolving student complaints.

Submit a complaint

If your private career college is unable to provide a solution, you can submit a complaint to Alberta Advanced Education's Private Career Colleges branch.

Before you submit your complaint, make sure you:

  • previously submitted this complaint to the college you attended before sharing your concerns with government
  • are submitting your complaint within 6 months of the last day you attended your program
  • have a copy of the college’s decision relating to your complaint in writing
  • have a copy of your enrolment contract

You will be contacted within 1 to 2 business days after you submit your complaint. You may be asked for more information at that time.

Submit a complaint