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Status: Bill 68 was introduced on April 19, 2021
Bill 26 came into force July 23, 2020
Ministry responsible: Justice and Solicitor General


We are committed to enhancing democracy by giving Alberta voters a direct say on important issues and laws that affect them and the future of our province.

Key changes: Bill 68

If passed, Bill 68, the Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2021 will make it clear all Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), including ministers in their role as MLAs, are allowed to participate in public debate and share their views on the topics of referendums.

Key changes: Bill 26

Bill 26, the Constitutional Referendum Amendment Act allows referendums to be held on more topics, including on government-led initiatives or matters of public interest before they are implemented – including the recommendations of the Fair Deal Panel.

Referendums can be held by themselves or in conjunction with provincial or municipal elections.

Next steps

Bill 68 will come into effect upon proclamation.

Bill 26 came into effect upon receiving royal assent on July 23, 2020.