Settlement, Integration and Language Projects Grants

Settlement, Integration and Language Projects grants support the successful settlement and integration of newcomers to Alberta.

Services and information

  • Listing of projects awarded under former Supports for Newcomer Integration grants and Innovative Language Projects grants.


This year we will have one Call for Proposals for innovative language projects and settlement projects.

Alberta Settlement and Integration Program

The Alberta Settlement and Integration Program, launched in January 2018, provides supports for newcomers as they settle and integrate into Alberta’s society. The program funds initiatives that contribute to the following outcomes:

  • newcomers have information about living and working in Alberta, and about access to services and opportunities that support their settlement and integration
  • organizations provide programs and services that help newcomers meet their settlement, integration and language needs
  • newcomers are welcomed and well-received within communities, workplaces and service organizations

For more information about the Alberta Settlement and Integration Program, see Alberta Settlement and Integration Program (PDF, 1.14 MB).

Call for proposals: Settlement, Integration and Language Projects

Apply to have your project funded in one of four streams:

  1. Basic Settlement Services for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Ineligible Clients (up to $100,000)

    Projects that provide basic settlement services to newcomers to Alberta who are not eligible to receive these services from the federal government.

  2. Building Community Receptive Capacity (up to $250,000)

    Projects that:

    • Fill knowledge gaps and provide skills training for service providers.
    • Help employers to hire, support and retain newcomer employees.
  3. Supporting Labour Market Integration (up to $300,000)

    Projects that provide opportunities for newcomer groups that are under-represented or face unique needs (for example: youth, women, LGBTQ, Francophones, low literacy) to develop knowledge and/or skills to find work or advance their careers.

  4. Innovation (up to $500,000)

    Projects that focus on the development of new knowledge and/or new strategies that support newcomer integration.

Multiple applications

Organizations can submit up to two applications in response to this Call for Proposals.


To apply for a grant, applicant organizations and projects must meet these guidelines.

Eligible applicants

To be eligible for this grant, your organization must be a:

  • non-profit organization
  • post-secondary institution
  • community organization
  • municipality
  • registered company (e.g. consultants or business owner)

Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ organizational experience:

  • supporting newcomers OR
  • in their particular area of expertise, and have a demonstrated partnership with an organization that has two years’ experience supporting newcomers

Projects with Partnerships

Primary applicant organization

The primary applicant organization:

  • must be an eligible organization listed above
  • is the fiscal agent
  • has the lead role in planning the project scope, timeline and outputs
  • leads the project coordination
  • is accountable for all project deliverables and reporting requirements

Partner organization

Partner organizations actively contribute to the project goals, scope, outputs and outcomes.

Eligible projects

To be eligible, projects must:

  • be time-limited, up to a maximum of 24 months
  • fit within one of the four funding streams listed above
  • address at least one of the outcomes identified for the funding stream
  • cost no more than the funding cap set for the stream

How to apply

Step 1. Read the terms and conditions

Read the sample Grant Agreement Template (PDF, 254 KB). It covers the terms and conditions of this grant program, as well as the reporting requirements you will be responsible for if your project is funded.

Step 2. Review the Application Guidelines

Before applying, please review the Application Guidelines (PDF, 481 KB). It contains detailed information that you need to know before you decide to apply.

Step 3. Download the complete application package:

Step 4: Complete the application

Only complete applications will be considered. A complete application consists of all six documents listed in Step 3 along with supporting documentation.

Please read the Application Instructions and Checklist document carefully for the details to ensure you have included all necessary information.

Step 5. Submit the Application

  • Submit your completed application documents in one email to
  • Title the subject line of your email as:
    [Organization Name]: 2018-19 SILP CFP Submission
  • If there are server restrictions that prevent you from sending large email attachments, please send an email to indicating you will need to send multiple emails to fulfil all the submission requirements, and proceed to do so.

Additional resources

  • Applicant’s conference call (PDF, 339 KB) – July 11
    Transcribed conference call that details application process and answers to applicant questions from the conference.

After you apply

After you apply, the following steps occur:

1. Initial screening

Once the application has been received, an initial screening is done to ensure that the application is complete and meets the eligibility criteria.

2. Committee review

Applications that pass the initial screening are reviewed and scored by a committee. Scoring will be based on the overall application package and how it addresses the following criteria:

  • need for the project
  • project components and design
  • ability of organization(s) to deliver project
  • risk identification and management
  • implementation plan
  • outcome measurement plan
  • budget and project costs

3. Internal review

Department staff will consider all applications recommended by the application review committees, and award grants based on application scores, as well as provincial needs, priorities and available funding.

All applicants will be notified of the results of their applications.


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