Selecting a transportation safety consultant

Tips on when a carrier should hire a safety consultant, and how to select the right safety consultant.


Every National Safety Code carrier in Alberta is responsible for ensuring every vehicle and every driver are operating safely and in compliance with transportation safety laws. In some situations, a carrier may need to ask for help from a safety consultant in order to meet regulatory requirements.

When to hire a safety consultant

Carriers may find it helpful to invest in a consultant for:

  • better understanding the transportation safety laws that apply to their company
  • developing and implementing effective safety and maintenance programs
  • addressing significant safety concerns (including rating changes, directions from the Registrar)
  • assistance in monitoring drivers for transportation safety compliance
  • assistance in completing, preparing for, or taking action after a transportation safety audit
  • assistance in establishing a company culture of safety
  • training services (for example: cargo securement, hours of service, trip inspections, etcetera)

Selecting a safety consultant

Selecting a consultant is not always an easy task. When selecting a consultant for assistance, carriers should consider that the consultant:

  • has a good understanding of the company’s needs
  • can help the company establish an administrative system that meets National Safety Code requirements
  • can help the carrier address management control of company vehicles and drivers
  • can teach company employees how to do what needs to be done on their own
  • has the training and experience to do the type of work needed:
    • Do they have any certifications?
    • What are they certified in?
    • Are they knowledgeable of Alberta’s transportation legislation?
  • has the skills to do the tasks needed or has connections to others with the right skills (for example: audits, training services, development of safety and maintenance programs, and more)
  • offers work references that can be checked before hiring
  • is available during the timeframe that the carrier needs to get things done
  • is prepared to travel to meet with company representatives in person
  • is able to offer their services at an agreeable fee
  • is prepared to sign an agreement documenting the fee, services provided, timeframes and more

More information about National Safety Code requirements is available online at: Education manual for commercial carriers.