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More officers able to respond

Members of the Sheriff Highway Patrol and Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services (FWES) are being given additional authorities to help fight rural crime.

On any given day, the Alberta Sheriffs have dozens of officers already working in rural areas. Between them, Sheriff Highway Patrol and FWES have approximately 400 officers.

Officers will be able to respond to a wider range of calls. This helps reduce the time it takes for officers to get to an emergency.

  • FWES will reinforce the RCMP’s response to emergencies and high-priority calls when needed
  • Sheriff Highway Patrol will allow the RCMP to put more focus on criminal activity by responding to a wider range of traffic calls, like collisions and impaired driving

Start dates

Fish and wildlife officers will begin RAPID Response functions in late fall 2020.

Traffic sheriffs are scheduled to assume RAPID Response duties in spring 2021.