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Alberta's Royalty Framework

Alberta’s modernized royalty framework encourages job creation and investment, rewards innovation and increases revenue to Albertans over time.   Find out what's changing.

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How royalties work

Global energy markets are always shifting to adapt to demand and supply factors, as well as to technology advancements.


New drilling and jobs under Modernized Royalty Framework

AUG 17 2016
Drilling investment and jobs will increase in Alberta through the rest of 2016 now that drilling has started on the first wells under the Modernized Royalty Framework.

Benefits of new royalty framework to start early

JUL 12 2016
Rigs and wells across Alberta can now get access to Alberta’s Modernized Royalty Framework, which will help create more jobs when drilling season starts.

Royalty changes promote jobs, investment and innovation

APR 21 2016
Oil and gas producers in Alberta can move ahead on drilling and investment plans for 2017 with new technical formulas now available.

Modernized royalty system will promote jobs and investment activity, while increasing revenue to Albertans over time

JAN 29 2016
The adoption of the Royalty Review Advisory Panel’s recommendations will create a simpler, more transparent and efficient system that encourages job creation and investment, rewards innovation and increases returns to the province over time.