Report parking placard abuse

How to report misuse or abuse of a parking placard for people with disabilities.

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Parking placards for people with disabilities


  • Any abuse or misuse of a parking placard and registration certificate may result in the parking placard registration being cancelled, including:
    • altering
    • defacing
    • duplicating
    • tampering with the placard or registration certificate
    • allowing someone other than you to use the placard and registration certificate
  • The person with the disability cannot use disabled parking by remaining in the vehicle while the driver or another passenger leaves the vehicle.
  • If parking privileges/placards are abused, your parking placard and registration may be cancelled and your parking privileges revoked.
  • The Alberta government may notify enforcement authorities if your placard is cancelled.

Reporting placard abuse

Using a placard

If you’re aware of someone using a parking placard that hasn’t been issued to them, report the incident to Alberta Registries, Motor Vehicles at [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • details of the incident, including time and place
  • the licence plate number
  • make/model of the vehicle
  • placard number
  • description of the individual using the placard

Using an accessible parking space

If you’re aware of someone parking in a designated stall and there isn’t a valid parking placard displayed or a special disabled licence plate on the rear of the vehicle, contact the municipal parking authority.