Regional Landscape Assessments

Detailed information about defined forest areas in the province.


Forest Landscape Assessments are prepared for each Forest Management Plan (FMP) per the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard (Section 2, Appendix A). They present detailed information describing administrative boundaries, physical conditions, forest pattern/structure/disturbance/succession, wildfire impacts and land uses of the defined forest area.

The physiographic, biological and administrative information varies little between successive FMP planning periods. As such, a standardized approach to Forest Landscape Assessments will help to reduce Government of Alberta costs and expedite FMP preparation and approval.

Alberta's Land Use Framework (LUF) has subdivided the province into 7 regional planning areas. The LUF region defines the geographic area for each Forest Landscape Assessment. All or part of the assessment can be used in FMPs located in a LUF region.

Forest Management Agreement holders will incorporate the assessment information into FMPs as plans are updated or replaced for each Forest Management Agreement.

Landscape assessments specific to each of the following LUF regions are provided below. They fulfil specific requirements of the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard (Section 2, Appendix A).

Land Use Framework