Rail safety

Ensures railways are constructed properly, conducts inspections of railway systems, investigates incidents and enforces legislation.

Services and information

The government inspects and monitors provincial railway operations to ensure they comply with safety legislation.

All provincial railways must complete audits to help ensure ongoing safe railway operations and compliance with the railway regulations.

Steps to reporting a railway accident.

Requirements for using this cautionary sign in railway operations.

This lockable metal device is used to protect spur or mainline track from a runaway railway vehicle.

How to prevent electric sparks that may cause fire while transferring a dangerous good from railway equipment to a bulk storage facility.

Procedures to help protect against static electricity and ensure operator and instrument safety.

All public, heritage and industrial railways must apply to operate in Alberta.

Information on who to contact to stop operations on a railway track in Alberta.

Required courses for employees directly or indirectly involved in moving rail equipment.

Train whistling requirements and who to contact if you have a concern about training whistling.

Information about regulations for trains operating at a public grade crossing and who to contact if you have a concern about blocked crossings.

Railway safety forms, bulletins, maps and legislation information.