Quick Escape button

Learn how to use the Quick Escape button located on some alberta.ca pages, and how to browse sensitive content.

The Quick Escape button is a tool that closes the web page you are on and opens 2 new generic pages. The Quick Escape button is on some alberta.ca pages related to violence, bullying or other sensitive topics that people may need to close quickly for privacy.

The button floats on the page and is always in the same position as you scroll through the page.

The Quick Escape button:

  • allows a user to leave the current webpage by clicking the button
  • opens a different website in the current browser window
  • opens a new browser window with the weather
  • attempts to remove the name of the website from the browser history by using a fake name
  • does not clear browser cache
  • does not disable the back button
  • does not fully cover the browsing history of the user
  • does not account for multiple browsing sessions, only the session that the button was used

Important: Not all browsers work the same, so there may be some variation in functionality depending on what browser and device is used.

For additional web privacy, use your browser’s privacy or incognito mode when browsing sensitive content. Clear your browser’s cache and history regularly or update the browser’s setting to clear the cache automatically when the browser is closed (if that setting is available).