Queen Elizabeth II Building

Historic landmark offers visitors year-round recreational opportunities and houses government offices, legislature staff, and MLAs.

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Queen Elizabeth II Building

The Edmonton Federal Building changed its name to Queen Elizabeth II Building. Go to History of the building to learn more.


The Edmonton Federal Building with fountains and crowds in front of it.

West Entrance of the Queen Elizabeth II Building, facing Violet King Henry Plaza.


The Queen Elizabeth II Building is located on the northeast corner of the Alberta Legislature grounds, also known as Government Centre. It was built for the Government of Canada and its Western Canadian offices. The original structure went up in the1950s and was based on a 1939 design. It is 11 storeys tall and built from Manitoba Tyndal Stone. The building is considered one of Edmonton’s most important modern buildings. It is also one of the best examples of art deco design in Canada.

Visitor highlights

The main floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Building is open to the public. Visitors can:

  • view the building’s architectural details
  • access the main floor visitor centre
  • explore the outdoor public plaza

Grounds surrounding the building are open to the public for uses such as wedding or graduation photos on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also explore the water fountains and gardens with Alberta plant species.

Equipment such as tents or chairs cannot be used on the grounds unless approved in advance by Alberta Infrastructure: [email protected].

Provincial office facility

Offices above the second floor’s committee rooms are closed to the public. Contact Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) for reservations and use of the main floor (lobby) of the building.