Important dates

Application deadlines are the first working day of February and September.


The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation is the principal heritage support agency of the Government of Alberta. The Foundation’s Heritage Preservation Partnership Program (HPPP) provides matching grants and scholarship funds to support initiatives that preserve and interpret Alberta's heritage.

For more information, read the HPPP Guidelines for Heritage Awareness Projects.


Publication grants provide matching grants of up to $10,000 for the production of books and $3,000 for brochures and pamphlets.

Applicants are expected to contribute at least 50% of eligible project value.


Eligible applicants

The following applicants can apply for the grant:

  • individuals that reside in Alberta or have a permanent Alberta address
  • registered organizations in Alberta:
    • non-profit organizations
    • corporations
    • municipalities
    • churches
    • schools and other educational institutions
    • First Nations
    • Metis Settlements

Ineligible applicants

The following applicants cannot apply for the grant:

  • printers
  • provincial government departments
  • members of the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation’s Board of Directors

Eligible projects

This grant supports the production of materials that preserve, interpret, promote awareness, produce new understanding or add to the knowledge base of Alberta’s history. This can include:

  • books, printed or electronic
  • interpretive (non-promotional) brochures
  • interpretive (non-promotional) pamphlets
  • walking tour booklets

Ineligible projects

The following projects are not eligible for the grant:

  • personal family histories
  • reprinting of publications already funded by the Foundation
  • projects that are eligible for funding through the Provincial Heritage Organizations that the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation support, including:
    • Alberta Museums Association
    • Archives Society of Alberta
    • Historical Society of Alberta
    • Alberta Genealogical Society
    • Archaeological Society of Alberta
  • projects seeking debt reduction such as repayment of loans or shortfall on completed projects
  • projects that have already been funded by the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation

Eligible expenses

The following expenses are eligible for the grant:

  • copyediting
  • indexing
  • proofreading
  • photo copyright fees
  • bibliography writing
  • digital conversion
  • design
  • lay-out
  • printing

Ineligible expenses

The following expenses are not eligible for the grant:

  • substantive or developmental editing (for purposes of these guidelines, refers to editing the overall structure and organization of the manuscript)
  • producing illustrations or maps
  • selecting photos
  • translating text
  • researching or writing
  • preparing or producing copy of the manuscript
  • marketing, promoting or distributing the publication
  • fundraising, administration, time spent preparing grant application, planning or attending meetings, financial reporting and similar activities
  • expenses already incurred at the time the application was submitted

How to apply

Step 1. Review the guidelines

HPPP Guidelines for Heritage Awareness Projects

Step 2. Contact the program coordinator to check eligibility

Email the Program Coordinator at or call 780-431-2305.

Step 3. Complete the application form and gather supporting documents

Fill out the Publication Grant Application Form (PDF, 240 KB).

The application must include the following:

  • copy of the manuscript
  • project plan
  • project budget
  • quotes/estimates for proposed work
  • other supporting documents listed in the application form

For books, the manuscript must have been edited for overall structure and organization. For purposes of the guidelines, this refers to substantive or development editing.

For brochures/pamphlets, the draft must include the text with lay-out and photographs.

Step 4. Submit your application package

Mail or courier applications and supporting documents to:

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
Old St. Stephen’s College Building
8820-112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5W2

Application deadlines are the first working day of February and September.

After you apply

Grant applications are evaluated using a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • project approach and strategy
  • experience/qualifications of the project proponents
  • project budget

The publication must have substantial Alberta heritage content and will be assessed for its research interest and value, quality of composition and potential distribution and audience.

The level of funding will be further determined by the grant program’s budget, the project’s individual merit and in comparison to other projects.

Program staff will assess the applications and provide funding recommendations to the board of the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation. The board makes the funding decisions.

Applicants will be notified about the results during the following times:

  • June/July for the February grant cycle
  • December/January for the September grant cycle

How to claim the grant

Grant recipients shall access the grant by submitting full or partial claims. The claim must include proof of expenditures and proof of completed work.

The grant claim will include the following:

Reporting and conditions

Grant recipients have 3 years to claim the grant, complete the project and complete reporting requirements.

Grant recipients must publicly acknowledge the Foundation’s financial support. Recognition may be on print, online, through media outlets or event opportunities.


To contact the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation’s Heritage Preservation Partnership Program:

Phone: 780-431-2305