Public Service Commission

Ensures Alberta has a professional, non-partisan, diverse, and inclusive public service that proudly serves Albertans.

This department was formerly known as Corporate Human Resources.



Leads the development of policies and programs that ensure Alberta has a professional, non-partisan, diverse and inclusive public service that proudly serves Albertans. This is achieved by providing expert advice, strategic leadership and stewardship as well as developing and delivering innovative supports and services to Alberta Public Service employees.

The Commission ensures the public service has:

  • experienced, competent, engaged and professional employees
  • a human resources community with effective advisors and strategic business partners
  • an integrated, coordinated, and consistent approach to talent management
  • a modern, effective and responsive human resources system

The Commission includes the Public Service Commissioner’s office and 3 supporting divisions.

How we're organized

Public Service Commissioner’s Office

Led by the Deputy Minister, Public Service Commission, this office is responsible for ensuring employees are best positioned to serve Albertans in accordance with the public service values of respect, accountability, integrity and excellence.

The office provides strategic leadership and stewardship to government departments to:

  • attract, develop and retain talent
  • anticipate and respond to human resource needs
  • enhance employee engagement and pride
  • develop leaders at all levels

Key responsibilities include:

  • administering Alberta’s Public Service Act and the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Public Service of Alberta
  • representing the Government of Alberta as the Employer in collective bargaining and other labour relations matters
  • providing advice to the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, the Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Deputy Ministers and Senior Officials on human resource issues

Labour and Employment Practices

Led by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Labour and Employment Practices, this division is responsible for providing expert consulting and training to ministries in support of employee health, safety, and wellness practices, talent acquisition and employee classification and compensation.

Additional key responsibilities:

  • delivering employee benefits, pensions and programs
  • leading human resource policy development and managing directives
  • conducting collective bargaining and labour relations

Leadership and Talent Development

Led by the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister of Leadership and Talent Development, this division develops and implements talent management and leadership development initiatives to ensure employees have the skills, training, and resources they need to succeed in the public service and effectively serve Albertans.

Additional key responsibilities:

  • leading the implementation of ENGAGE: Our Alberta Public Service People Strategy
  • providing learning opportunities and professional development
  • attracting and recruiting Executive Managers and Senior Officials

Strategic Services and Human Resources Transformation Division

Led by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Strategic Services and Human Resources Transformation, this division enables innovative people and culture strategies for the Alberta Public Service. This division is responsible for identifying and implementing workforce business intelligence, strategies and frameworks to support the public service.

Additional key responsibilities:

  • providing policy support as well as workforce data and analytics to achieve human resource priorities
  • leading practices to invite diversity and practice inclusion within the public service
  • delivering corporate services support to the department

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