Government policy

The Government of Alberta will only appoint elected or senior officials to agencies when their input is important for a public agency to achieve its mandate. In such circumstances, elected officials will be compensated, no more than the rate of other board members.


The following principles will be used to determine if government representation is important for a public agency to achieve its mandate:

  • Current legislation for specific public agencies requires elected and/or senior official representation in order to have a fully constituted board. The continued need for the presence of government representatives will be reviewed as part of the regular evaluation process of a public agency.
  • Elected and/or senior officials have unique subject matter knowledge of government direction that is beneficial to a public agency, and in particular to advisory, industry liaison or boards focused on economic development.
  • New public agencies can benefit from guidance and understanding of government direction and processes through the membership of an elected or senior official. This membership should be reviewed during the regular public agency review process.

Where government representative participation is not central to meeting the public agency's mandate, other channels of communication and oversight will be essential. This will help ensure clear roles and responsibilities, and avoid potential perceived conflicts. For affected public agencies, an implementation plan will be developed to ensure a smooth transition.