Protecting survivors of human trafficking

The Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act (Bill 8) enables new measures to help prevent and address human trafficking, and better protect survivors.

Status: Bill 8 came into force May 12, 2020, with exceptions
Ministry responsible: Justice and Solicitor General


The Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act protects vulnerable Albertans at-risk of being trafficked and strengthen a survivor’s ability to get away from physically, emotionally and financially damaging abuse.

This act is a key part of our action plan to combat human trafficking. Police reported 228 incidents in Canada in 2018 – 12 were in Alberta.

Key changes

The act will:

  • adopt internationally-recognized definitions of human trafficking regarding:
    • forced labour
    • sexual exploitation, and
    • trafficking of organs and tissues
  • make it easier for survivors to get protection orders
  • enable police to take quicker action to rescue survivors
  • allow survivors to sue traffickers
  • create a human trafficking awareness day in Alberta

The act also contains innovative measures unique to Alberta:

  • adding a warrant permitting entry to help remove trafficking victims from unsafe situations
  • including pet provisions in human trafficking protection orders


Next steps

The act received royal assent and took effect on May 12, 2020.