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Status: Proclaimed April 30, 2019
Ministry responsible: Energy


It's imperative that Albertans receive maximum value for our natural energy resources.

The proclamation of the Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act will help achieve this goal.

Export licences

The act gives the government authority to require companies to obtain a licence before exporting energy products from Alberta via pipeline, rail or truck, including:

  • natural gas
  • crude oil
  • refined fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel

Export licences would be required for every company only if the energy minister determines it’s in the public interest to ensure:

  • adequate pipeline capacity is available to maximize the return on resources
  • supply is maintained for Alberta's needs, now and into the future

Licences may be issued for lower amounts than what was previously being exported. Further details on the application process would be included in the forthcoming regulations.

Imports of products into Alberta are not currently subject to any restrictions.


If enacted, anyone who fails to comply with the act, its regulations or a term or condition of a licence may face fines up to:

  • $10 million per day for companies
  • $1 million per day for individuals