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Public Offering Notices and Results

Public Offering Notices and Results, provides access to Public Offering Notices and subsequent Sales Results, including Metis Results, as well as any changes made to the notice. Most documents are available in Text, Adobe PDF and Comma-Delimited (CSV format, for importing into spreadsheets and databases) file formats. Public offerings are sometimes referred to as sales.

Sales schedules

A revised 2 year sales schedule (PDF, 14 KB) is available for each posting request acceptance period, and the corresponding public offering notice publication and sale dates for Crown petroleum, natural gas, and oil sands rights.  ​and calendars for sale dates and submission of posting requests and bids for Crown petroleum and natural gas rights. The sales wall calendar (PDF, 109 KB) shows public offering sale dates for Crown petroleum, natural gas, and oil sands rights. Sales statistics can now be found under About Tenure.

Direct purchase

There are 3 types of direct purchase requests:

  • The Portion type is where there is both Crown and non-crown mineral rights ownership in the spacing unit. If you control the freehold minerals by title or an active lease, you can lease the Crown portion. There are some restrictions which are explained in the Posting Rules. A statutory declaration is required by the Department as confirmation that you control the freehold minerals.
  • The Complementing Rights type is where the lessee of an oil sands agreement can lease the associated natural gas rights that match the oil sands zones.
  • The Single Substance type is where you have either the petroleum or the natural gas in an active agreement and you can ask the Department to lease you the other substance. Your existing agreement will be amended by adding the other substance.

Regional average price per hectare for last 6 sales

For information on using this regional average to determine the cost of a private sale, see Information Letter 2017-21 (PDF, 89 KB), this is updated Fridays following the public sale.

Sale date Plains $/ha Northern $/ha Foothills $/ha
As of March 4, 2020 $78.77 $158.33 $191.79
As of March 18, 2020 $69.71 $146.65 $396.25
As of April 1, 2020 $57.41 $155.00 $400.87
As of November 18, 2020 $56.51 $182.04 $33.55
As of December 2, 2020 $46.23 $185.85 $70.16
As of January 13, 2021 $70.35 $181.87 $67.82

Subscribe to receive petroleum and natural gas sales information

A subscription list for petroleum and natural gas sales information allows users to manage their information, you can subscribe to pngsales or unsubscribe from pngsales. A notification will be sent by email at the time of publishing for each list, this subscription includes; Public Offering Notices, Public Sales Results, Metis Public Sales Results, Advance Bookings and Notice of Change (Amendments/Withdrawals).


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