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This course is for parents or guardians who have completed the Parenting After Separation (PAS) course.

It’s required if a judge directs you to take it. Otherwise, you can voluntarily take it.

You and the other party take this course separately.

Course topics include:

  • parental involvement and disengagement techniques
  • parenting plans for high conflict families
  • anger, abuse, power and control issues
  • child development and the needs of children
  • renegotiating boundaries

This 3-hour course is available in:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton

Register for PASHC video course

You can take PASHC by a video course if you:

  • have an email address and internet access
  • live more than 75 km outside of Calgary or Edmonton
  • have completed the Parenting After Separation course
  • do not have a court order telling you to attend the in-person PASHC class

If you don’t meet these criteria, but still want to sign up, please describe any special circumstances at the end of the form below.

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Please note that the only programs approved and supported by the Government of Alberta are Parenting After Separation (PAS), Parenting After Separation for Families in High Conflict (PASHC) and Focus on Communication in Separation (FOCIS)

To register, call, email or register online at the location you want to take the course.