Parkdale Home stakeholder engagement

We are working with partners and neighbours to build a new home to support people with developmental disabilities.


We're building a new 24-unit home in the Parkdale community of Calgary for individuals with developmental disabilities who have high support needs.

We will engage with members of the disability community to consider feedback on the building design and the service delivery model.

This new home will allow residents to live safely in community with dignity and a better quality of life. Residents will be provided 24/7 wrap-around supports in the building and in community, including personal care, healthcare, recreational opportunities and cultural supports. 

The project is currently in the planning and design phase. 


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Who is listening

Community and Social Services

Map of the location of the Parkdale Residence

About the residence

Located in Calgary at 535 37 Street NW, the Parkdale Home replaces the Parkmont Achievement Centre building, with a new, 2-storey building, expected to open in 2025.

  • The project

    • There are too few living arrangements with support services to meet the needs of Albertans with developmental disabilities who have high support needs and who need daily assistance to live in community.
    • This means some Albertans find themselves in hospitals or other public facilities for a long time to get the type of care they require.
    • Community inclusion for these individuals requires an integrated service approach from multiple government programs.
    • The new home will help improve the quality of life for people who have high support needs, by providing residents with the supports they need to participate in their communities and meet their full potential.
  • The residents

    • A robust intake criteria and process will be established as the service delivery model is finalized.
    • The target residents are individuals with high support needs who are eligible for services from Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program.
    • Residents may require a spectrum of intensive services in order to meet their needs. This type of supported home environment will allow individuals to live safely and with dignity.
    • We have not yet identified future residents and are not accepting referrals at this time.
  • The home

    • The home will have capacity for 24 Albertans with developmental disabilities, and will have a mix of staff available on site to ensure high quality services are provided to meet each person’s unique needs.
    • Preliminary plans feature an apartment-like space for each resident, including bedroom/sleeping area, bathroom and living area.
    • Residents will have access to a communal lounge, dining room, health and wellness services, including personal care, healthcare, spiritual and cultural supports, recreation opportunities and daily living supports.
    • Over time, some residents will progress and will be able to move on to live elsewhere with reduced supports. Others may reside in the Parkdale Home for a number of years. There is no time limit for how long residents will stay.
    • The service provider(s) for the home have not yet been identified. Government will procure for service providers closer to the opening of the home.

Stakeholder engagement

We will contact members of the disability community for feedback on the building design and service delivery model as we work to ensure the new Parkdale Home is a welcome and safe addition to the neighbourhood.

Project updates

Regular updates on the Parkdale Home construction project will be posted to this web page. Additional opportunities to learn more and ask questions will be available as the planning phase progresses. 


Connect with the Parkdale Home engagement team:
Email: [email protected]