Operating Authority Certificate

A commercial vehicle that is used, or intended to be used, to transport passengers requires an Operating Authority Certificate.

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Alberta regulation requires passenger transportation service providers to have an Operating Authority Certificate, unless otherwise exempt under the Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance Regulation. These services may include charter, scheduled service, private, industrial or bus operations.

NOTE – Where the vehicle has a manufactured seating capacity of 11 or more (including the driver) you are required to hold a Safety Fitness Certificate.

Operating authority exemption

Commercial vehicles are exempted from holding an Operating Authority Certificate and will no longer be required to produce it during a roadside inspection.

Commercial vehicles will still be required to:

  • hold the necessary certificates, such as a Safety Fitness Certificate
  • hold the necessary insurance to operate a passenger transportation vehicle
  • have a valid operator’s license required to operate the passenger vehicle being driven
  • pass a semi-annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) inspection and display the decal
  • meet any other regulatory requirements for operating of a commercial vehicle


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