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Oil sands acronyms

These acronyms are commonly used by the oil sands industry and can be found on this site.

Acronym table

Table 1. Commonly used acronyms

ABB Athabasca Bitumen Blend
AER Alberta Energy Regulator (formerly known as ERCB or EUB)
AIES Alberta Interconnected Electric System
AL Arm’s Length
AMI Alberta Mineral Information (System)
API American Petroleum Institute
ARC Alberta Research Council
ARF Alberta's Royalty Framework
ATC Athabasca Tribal Council
bbl Barrel
BDM Bitumen Density Measurement
BRIK Bitumen Royalty In-Kind
BRO Bitumen Royalty Option
BVM Bitumen Valuation Methodology
CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CARE Cost Analysis and Reporting Enhancement
CARS Corporate Accounting Revenue System
CCS Carbon Capture and Storage
CEMA Cumulative Environmental Management Association
CEPA Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
CER Canada Energy Regulator (formerly known as the National Energy Board)
CERI Canadian Energy Research Institute
CHOP Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand
CMDRC Crown Mineral Disposition Review Committee
COS Cost of Service
CRWP Condensate Allowance Price
CSS Cyclic Steam Stimulation
DRRZD Deeper Rights Reversion Zone Designation
DSU Drilling Spacing Unit
EOP End of Period
EPAC Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (formerly known as SEPAC)
ETS Electronic Transfer System
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GFE Good Faith Estimate
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GJ Gigajoule
HBP Hardisty Bitumen Price
LAMAS Land Automated Mineral Agreement System
LSAS Land Status Automated System
LSD Legal Subdivision
LTBR Long-Term Bond Rate
MDT Maximum Development Time
MFT Mature Fine Tailings
MLE Minimum Level of Evaluation
MLP Minimum Level of Production
MMA Mines and Minerals Act
MOSS Mineable Oil Sands Strategy
MPC Maximum Daily Production Capacity
MRC Monthly Royalty Calculation
MRIS Mineral Revenues Information System
NAL Non-Arm's Length
NPV Net Present Value
NRF New Royalty Framework
OASIS Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System
OSA Oil Sands Area
OSAC Oil Sands Allowed Costs (Ministerial) Regulation
OSD Oil Sands Division
OSRR Oil Sands Royalty Regulation
OTSG Once-Through Steam Generator
PADD Petroleum Administration for Defense District
PNCB Prior Net Cumulative Balance
PNG Petroleum and Natural Gas
PON Public Offering Notice
PSV Primary Separation Vessel
RCP Royalty Calculation Point
RG% Gross Royalty Rate
RN% Net Royalty Rate
SAGD Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage
SAGP Steam-Assisted Gas Push
SCO Synthetic Crude Oil
SMA Surface Mineable Area
SOR Steam Oil Ratio
SU Spacing Unit
TA Transportation Allowance
TAN Total Acid Number
THAI Toe-to-Heel Air Injection
TOR Tailings Oil Recovery
TPD Third Party Disposition
TWP Township
VAPEX Vapour Extraction Process
VDU Vacuum Distillation Unit
WCS Western Canadian Select (blended bitumen)
WTI West Texas Intermediate


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