Office hours and hours of work directive

This directive covers government office hours, and the hours managers, and opted out and excluded Alberta Public Service employees work.


This directive sets out the hours that government offices are open, hours that managers, opted out, and excluded employees normally work, and times and lengths of lunch and rest periods.

Hours of work provisions for bargaining unit employees are contained in the Collective Agreement.

Government office hours

Government offices are open from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except on recognized holidays, unless the deputy head orders otherwise.

Hours of work

Normal hours of work for opted out and excluded employees are 36 1/4 hours per week, or the equivalent, on a monthly or annual basis.

Hours of work for opted out or excluded employees who do not work normal hours (for example: flex time hours or under an hours of work averaging agreement) will be equivalent to normal hours on a monthly or annual basis.

The hours of work for managers are not stipulated since the emphasis is on achieving results. Managers are expected to work the hours needed to fulfil their responsibilities. However, their normal work week should be the same as that of the employees they supervise.

Lunch periods

Employees who work during normal government office hours will be allowed an unpaid lunch period. The lunch period is normally between 12 pm and 1 pm. The time and length of the lunch period may vary at the discretion of the deputy head, but will not be less than 30 minutes or more than 90 minutes.

Rest periods

Employees who work for more than 6 hours will be entitled to a 15-minute rest period before and after the meal break. Employees who work for more than 2 hours but less than 6 hours will be entitled to one 15-minute rest period.

Employees will not be given a rest period within one hour of the beginning or end of a work period. They will take their rest period at a time designated by the authorized supervisor.

About this directive

Authority:Public Service Employment Regulation
Master Agreement, Article 16
Application:Organizations under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:January 1, 2018
Contact:Alberta Public Service Commission:
Labour and Employment Practices; Labour and Employment Policy