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Notification banner

Site-wide messaging with a strong, visual emphasis about important changes or facts the public need to know.


Sometimes the government needs to advise the public about situations that require an elevated level of attention. They can be either a notification or global banner. Both indicate one of the following:

  • important information
  • special dates
  • warning messages
  • emergency messages

Distinction between the banners is that notifications can be dismissed, and a global banner is permanent until the messaging period is over.

The banner graphics have been designed specifically to:

  • stand out from regular communication materials
  • make production of advisory and warning graphics more efficient and consistent
  • make a clear distinction between different levels of seriousness
  • connect with our current Government of Alberta brand




Here is an informational notification. Link here



Here is an event notification. Link here



Here is an important notification. Link here



Here is an emergency notification. Link here

Usage guidelines


The colours intentionally deviate from the standard government palette to define the seriousness of the information. Recommended by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for safety signage and messaging, ANSI standards, including those that apply to safety colours, are recognized as among the best in the world.

  • Blue and Black: Informational – #004A8F and #171D23
  • Yellow: Important – #F9CE2D
  • Red: Emergency – #DA291C
  • Green: Event – #006F4C

Size and positioning

Banners occupy the top part of every web page and span the full width of the page.

Content guidelines

Banners communicate one piece of crucial information pertaining to the topic. The message should link to a relevant page.

  • Write the topic as a clear and concise link.
  • Maximum 140 characters with spaces per banner.
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