Acts and regulations

The Alberta King’s Printer website has a searchable listing of all statutes (acts) and regulations. The following legislation relates to natural gas:

Gas Resources Preservation Act

This act establishes approvals administered by the Department of Energy and Minerals and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for authorization to remove natural gas from the province. See:

Mines and Minerals Act

This act governs the management and disposition of rights in Crown-owned mines and minerals. It includes the levying and collecting of bonuses, rental and royalties. Alberta Environment and Protected Areas shares the administration of portions of this act.

Gas Utilities Act

This act governs the distribution of gas in Alberta by investor-owned utilities. See:

Natural Gas Marketing Act

This act establishes a process for producers to either approve or not approve the resale price of gas. The resale price forms the basis for the price producers receive for supplying the gas. The act also provides authority to gather information required to calculate Crown royalty.

Utility Commodity Rebate Act

This act establishes the authority for rebates on utility commodities at the Energy and Minerals Minister’s discretion to eligible Albertans in accordance with regulations. These commodities may include electricity, natural gas or other heating fuels.


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