Municipal indicators

Indicators measure specific aspects of each municipality’s governance, finances or community.


We annually calculate an aggregate performance measure (percentage of municipalities potentially not facing long term viability challenges) using financial, governance and community indicators. 

These indicators provide each municipality and the department with useful information and help to highlight emerging challenges.


The municipal indicator dashboard collects the results for each indicator and displays them in one place.

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Source data

Municipal indicators are calculated using data supplied by municipalities including financial statements, municipal census, election results, and information from ministerial orders issued to municipalities.

Indicator measurements

Specific aspects of a municipality's governance, finances, or community are weighed against defined benchmarks to provide a general indication of acceptable risk.

Find details of the 13 indicators in the Municipal Indicators document.

How the indicators are used

The aggregate of all municipal indicators is reported in the Municipal Affairs business plan.

If a municipality flagged a critical indicator, ‘auditor outcome’ or ‘ministry intervention’, or 3 or more of the 11 non-critical indicators for 3 consecutive years, ministry staff may contact them to discuss additional support that may be needed.

Municipal indicators are a proactive warning tool.

Publication of results

We publish the results of the municipal indicators for each municipality on the dashboard and the aggregate percentage in the Municipal Affairs annual report.

Municipalities that flag an indicator will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the results, and their responses will be included along with the indicator results on the dashboard.


The annual municipal indicator reports are published on the Open Government Portal.


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