This calculator is for estimation only and is not intended to be a substitute for formal royalty calculations by Alberta Energy and Minerals. The Post-C* royalty rate may differ for each product produced from a well. See Royalty Overview for more information on C* and the Post-C* royalty formulas.

To estimate C*, please see the C* Calculator.

To estimate the Post-C* or MT royalty rate you will need to specify:

  1. The product for which you are seeking a royalty rate
  2. The par price for that product [for par prices see oil and gas].

To estimate gross royalty rates for a well when production may be lower than the maturity threshold you will also need to specify the well's total monthly equivalent production. The total monthly equivalent production is the sum of all commodities produced from the well including oil, raw gas and/or field condensate. For information on conversions required for this calculation please see 'Maturity Threshold' in the Royalty definitions.

Press Tab to move through the entry fields. Clear this form for a new well entry.

Part 1 - Royalty Price Component (rp)
  Par Price   $ / m3
rp = %
Part 2 - Adjustment for wells below maturity threshold (rq)
  Quantity   m3
rq = %
Part 3 - Royalty Rate ( rp + rq)
  Price Component (rp) Max 36%   %
  Adjustment for wells below maturity threshold (rq)
  Estimated gross royalty rate Min 5% & Max 36%   %


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