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McGregor Reservoir erosion protection

Project to build rock berms along the McGregor shoreline to protect private lands from erosion and preserve aquatic habitat.

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The McGregor shoreline has been eroding by approximately one metre per year and is impacting private lands along the shoreline. High waves common to McGregor Reservoir are caused by the severe winds typical to the area and to open water. The movement of the waves causes shoreline erosion and bluff formation.


The shoreline berm will protect private lands from further erosion. We can then return the reservoir level to full capacity, allowing for greater operational flexibility in the irrigation system.

Environmental protection

Studies have been conducted on aquatic and terrestrial habitats within the proposed project footprint. Most of the potential impacts can be avoided through habitat management and other mitigation measures. Fish habitat enhancement features such as rock structures have been incorporated into the design to break waves and encourage fish to hide and feed along the shoreline. Gravel will also be installed over the lower portion of the berm to provide habitat for fish egg development.


McGregor Reservoir is in Vulcan County approximately 100 km southeast of Calgary.

  • Phase 1 locations: Milo and Sunset Marks
  • Phase 2 location: Monner


  • Summer 2022
    • Stakeholder input
  • Fall 2022
    • Begin Phase 1 construction
  • Winter 2023
    • End Phase 1 construction
  • Fall and winter 2023 to 2024
    • Phase 2 construction


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