COVID-19: Stop the spike!

COVID-19 regional active cases

See the number of active cases and rate of active cases in your region.

Mandatory restrictions

Additional public health restrictions are in effect for regions with more than 50 cases per 100,000 people, and with more than 30 active cases.


The current rate of COVID-19 cases and number of active cases is reported for each region in Alberta.

Regions are defined by municipal boundaries. Each region is either:

  • a municipal district or county
  • a municipality of 10,000 or greater population: a city or town
  • communities smaller than 10,000, including towns, First Nations reserves and Metis Settlements, are included in the surrounding municipal district

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Interactive Map

Lower case area restrictions

High case area restrictions


List of active cases by region

Regional COVID-19 cases are based on patient postal codes. Regional populations are based on the mid-year Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan population file, which may differ from local census data.