Managing designated public land trails

Authorized recreation partners support sustainable public land trails.


Alberta’s public land trail system offers many opportunities for all types of recreationalists to explore public land. The Ministry of Forestry and Parks is responsible for managing designated public land trails to ensure trail user safety and enhance recreation experiences, all the while considering other public land uses.

Trail designation

Public land trails are designated under the Trails Act, established under the Public Lands Act, and can also be designated in a Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ). Trail designation enables the province to:

  • establish and manage trails
  • protect recreation infrastructure
  • ensure public safety
  • enhance trail experiences
  • improve sustainable use of trails

Trail managers

 A trail manager is a recreation partner who is authorized to maintain trails and trail infrastructure and carry out specific types of work on provincial trails without the need for additional approvals from the province.

Recreation partners play an essential role to:

  • help enhance trail experiences for users
  • improve recreation opportunities
  • protect Alberta’s natural and cultural heritage

Our goal is to provide well-maintained trails and recreation facilities, and access the expertise necessary to protect Alberta’s public lands, so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Current trail managers

The Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association, the Alberta Snowmobile Association, and their affiliated clubs, have been appointed as trail managers under the Trails Act. The appointment recognizes the important work the organizations have made across the province for many years. They will maintain motorized and multi-use trails and infrastructure on designated public land trails across the province to enhance user experiences.

This work is supported by eight million dollars in grant funding over four years, commencing in 2022-23.

Learn more about these organizations and the designated trails they manage:

More trail managers are expected to be appointed in the future as additional partnerships are established with community organizations interested in helping to maintain Alberta’s public land trail system. 

Trail management plans

As part of the trail management planning process, Indigenous communities and organizations, recreation partners and affected Albertans have opportunities to share their experiences and concerns, as well as provide input and advice into the trail management plan.

Trail management plans can be developed to identify permitted activities on trails or within trail networks, and to identify locations for new trails.

Trail management plans will be shared here as they are completed.



For more information, call 310-LAND: Alberta’s Crown land information and issues reporting line.

Report Crown land concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call 310-LAND (5263) anytime to report public safety incidents, illegal activity and enforcement concerns occurring at public land, provincial parks or protected areas.

For general enquiries about Crown land and natural resources, call during normal business hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)