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Management job evaluations

Learn about the management job evaluation process and how employees request a job evaluation.


The Government of Alberta uses a job classification system to evaluate each job in our organization against established factors. Learn more about the job evaluation process for management positions and the factors used to evaluate management jobs in the Alberta Public Service.

About management job classification

The Management Job Evaluation Plan (MJEP) is used to evaluate management positions by assigning scores to jobs based on 3 factors common to all jobs. The 3 factors are:

  • Know-How
  • Problem Solving
  • Accountability

The factors are further broken down into dimensions.

Know-How is the total knowledge and skill needed for competent job performance. It includes:

  • content (technical) know-how
  • leadership and business (managerial) know-how
  • human relations skills

Problem Solving is the amount and nature of thinking, analyzing, reasoning, evaluating, creating, and so on, needed in the job. Problem solving measures the degree to which thinking processes are applied to know-how. It includes:

  • thinking environment (the type of assistance or guidance available to help solve problems)
  • thinking challenge (the complexity of the problems to solve)

Accountability is the degree a job is responsible for achieving results and the importance of those results to the organization. It includes:

  • freedom to act (independence)
  • magnitude (the size of area impacted by the position's actions)
  • impact (how directly the job impacts results)

Requesting an evaluation

An employee or their supervisor can initiate an evaluation request by submitting an updated job description. The following steps will take place:

Step 1. Provide information

The job holder and/or the supervisor, will be asked to provide information about the job, including its purpose, accountabilities and where it sits in the organization.

Step 2. Scoring

Human Resources and/or the MJEP committee will review the information provided. The committee composition varies. The review includes evaluating and scoring the job based on the factors and comparison to benchmark jobs from a cross-government MJEP Benchmark list.

The total number of points assigned in the evaluation will place the position in one of 4 distinct management levels.

Table 1. Classification levels

Class codeClass titlePoint range
M620Band 4 – Executive Manager II1301 to 1700
M610Band 3 – Executive Manager I906 to 1300
M420Band 2 – Senior Manager641 to 905
M410Band 1 – Manager350 to 640

Step 3. The decision

It may take up to 60 working days from the request to review, score the job and provide a written decision. The timelines may be extended on mutual agreement between parties.

Employees may contact Human Resources if they have questions about the classification decision.

Human Resources will not re-evaluate a job within 6 months of the last review unless there is a substantial change in responsibilities or structure.

Appeal information

If an employee disagrees with the classification decision, they may submit an appeal. There are 2 levels of appeal: a departmental review (first level) and the appeal board.

More information is available in the Classification Appeals Directive.