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Low-risk home-prepared foods

Information for food operators and consumers on buying and selling low-risk home-prepared foods based on Alberta’s Food Regulation.


Alberta’s Food Regulation sets the rules for the safe handling of food that is available to the public. The Food Regulation allows Albertans to make low-risk foods in their home kitchen for sale to the public, subject to certain restrictions and safe food handling.

Low-risk home-prepared foods can be sold from home (including online or mail-order sales) and special events, as well as from farmers’ markets, where they were sold previously. Special events are temporary events, such as craft fairs and festivals, and have their own set of rules in the regulation.

Information for food operators

Food operators can prepare low-risk foods in their home kitchen to sell directly to consumers from home or at special events.

The Food Regulation outlines the rules for operating a low-risk home-prepared food business. The 'Low-risk home-prepared foods: fact sheet for operators' provides direction on how to handle food safely and explains the rules in the regulation.

Home-prepared foods, including those sold at farmers’ markets, must be clearly and appropriately labelled so consumers can make informed choices. If you are a vendor selling home-prepared foods at a farmers’ market, you must comply with the labelling requirements and existing farmers’ market requirements. Information on the labelling requirements is in the fact sheet.

Information for consumers

Consumers can buy low-risk foods from other Albertans from their home or at special events. Low-risk foods do not require refrigeration, such as baked goods, candies, whole fresh produce and some canned goods.

  • Low-risk foods are described on page 4 of the fact sheet.

Food must be labelled with information about the food and the producer so you can make an informed purchase decision and ask questions or report a concern.


Check with your local municipality for local business rules that may apply.

If you need any more information about the rules for starting a low-risk home-prepared food business or about food safety for your business, contact Alberta Health Services.


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