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Consult the topics below to find solutions to common problems you may encounter when submitting your entry to the Open for Summer Lottery or the Outdoor Adventure Vaccine Lottery.

We continue investigating technical issues users are experiencing and will update this page with new troubleshooting tips as they are available. If your issue is not addressed, check back for updates.

  • I didn't get a confirmation email

    The phone number you provided in your entry will be used to contact you if you are selected as a winner. You do not need a confirmation code to receive a prize.

  • I can't submit because my info was not accepted (birthday, address, postal code)

    If your birthdate or address was not previously accepted when you were filling out the entry form, please try again.

    • The form has been updated to resolve these issues.
    • If you are still unable to submit your entry, please double check that you have entered all of your information correctly and in the proper format.

    If your postal code was not accepted, please try again and make sure it meets the required formatting.

    • Do not use a hyphen when entering your postal code (T1A-1A1).
    • The system will accept postal codes with spaces and with no space (T1A 1A1, T1A1A1).
  • I can't submit my entry, even after fully filling out the form

    If you are unable to submit your lottery entry, even after fully filling out the form, try refreshing the page and filling it out again.

    If you still encounter issues, please check the information in your form to make sure it matches the formats specified on the webpage.

    If you are still unable to submit your entry, try clearing your browser's cache or use a different browser or device. Learn how to clear your cache:

  • I can't submit because it says I’ve already submitted

    Persons are only able to submit one entry into the Open for Summer Lottery and one entry into the Outdoor Adventure Vaccine Lottery.

    If you already submitted an entry that has been accepted by the Lottery system and are attempting to submit another entry, the system will not accept any subsequent entries. Please see the rules of the lottery for more details.

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