Local Food Week

In August, experience and celebrate Alberta’s growing local food industry.

Local Food Week runs from August 12 to 18, 2024.


Alberta Local Food Week gives you a chance to meet local farmers and entrepreneurs who work to put nutritious food on our plates, and to show support for all things grown, made and harvested in Alberta.

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Alberta Local Food Week is a great opportunity to enjoy some delicious local food:


The commitment to hold an annual Local Food Week was a key point in the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act that was passed on May 30, 2018.

Alberta Local Food Week will occur each year during the third week of August. Local Food Week ties into Alberta Open Farm Days, giving Albertans a chance to visit local farms and experience where their food comes from.


Alberta Local Food Week

Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association

Alberta Farmers’ Market Association

Open Farm Days


Local Food Week event information:

Email: [email protected] (Alberta-approved farmers’ market events)
Email: [email protected] (farm events)