Labour relations – Publications

Find timely and relevant collective bargaining information, reports and statistics about the unionized workforce, mainly in Alberta.

Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update is published regularly, providing a summary of key collective bargaining activities in Alberta and relevant jurisdictions. Each monthly edition provides statistics for the previous month.

There are more than 2 million Albertans employed, with approximately 450,000 covered by a union agreement. Of these, about 90% are under Alberta’s labour relations legislation and the remaining 10% under federal jurisdiction in the postal service, banks, railways and other nationally regulated industries.

The following in-depth information is available in each edition of the Bargaining Update:

  • current, major negotiations underway in Alberta
  • recent Alberta wage settlements
  • quarterly private and public settlement trends
  • latest Alberta Average Weekly Earnings data
  • settlements and labour relations developments in other provinces/territories
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation information

The settlement data reported in Bargaining Update is based on the collective agreement settlement information received by the Labour department’s Mediation Services unit.

Labour-related publications

Collective agreement wage charts

Monthly updates of wage details sorted by employer and classification in the following sectors:

Current Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)

Search current Alberta collective agreements in effect, arranged by employer and industry.

Expiring CBAs

Examine a report of expired and expiring collective bargaining agreements in Alberta by calendar year and industry.

Legal work stoppages

Find incident reports of legal work stoppages (strikes and lockouts) in Alberta by calendar year including the start and end dates as well as the number of working days lost.

Alberta grievance arbitration awards

A monthly listing of grievance arbitration awards filed with Mediation Services. Awards can be searched by employer, union, arbitrator and date of decision. A brief explanation of the award is also provided.

This is a work in progress, working backwards from 2020 to 2006. New awards plus historical awards will be added each month.



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Phone: 780-427-8301
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)