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Kananaskis Conservation Pass


Starting June 1, purchase a daily or yearly pass to experience Kananaskis Country and the Bow Valley Corridor while supporting conservation efforts in the area.

Proposed Kananaskis Conservation Pass
The following information outlines how the Kananaskis Conservation Pass would work if Bill 64: Public Lands Amendment Act passes. Details may change as the bill goes through the legislative process and regulations are developed.

Easy to buy, easy to use

All vehicles stopping in Kananaskis Country and provincial sites in the Bow Valley Corridor will need to purchase a Kananaskis Conservation Pass. Sales begin June 1.

Buy your pass online and register your licence plate – no stickers or hangtags needed. Passes can also be purchased in-person or by using Wi-Fi at Kananaskis Visitor Information Centres (Barrier, Elbow and Peter Lougheed) and the Canmore Nordic Centre Day Lodge.

By purchasing a pass you're helping keep this special part of Alberta beautiful and protected for generations to come.


Only one pass per personal or commercial passenger vehicle is required. There is no extra cost for trailers or additional passengers.

Personal vehicles

  • Day pass - $15 (registers one vehicle)
  • Yearly pass - $90 (registers up to 2 vehicles)

Commercial β€“ 15 people or less

  • Day pass - $22.50
  • Yearly pass - $135

Example: shuttles, taxis, small group transport

Commercial β€“ more than 15 people

  • Day pass - $30
  • Yearly pass - $180

Example: large group transport, coach buses

Pass details

  • Where the pass applies

    Pass applies

    Pass does not apply

    • Vehicles traveling through the area without stopping
    • People arriving without a vehicle (on foot, horseback, bicycle)

    Pass is not required*

    • Ghost area
    • McLean Creek Public Land Use Zone
    • McLean Creek Provincial Recreation Area
    • Fisher Creek Provincial Recreation Area
    • Canmore townsite or other municipal land within the boundary

    *Applicable camping and/or facility user fees still apply.

  • Where to buy a pass

    Visitors should buy their pass before arriving in the area.


    • Passes can be purchased online using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit.


    Cell service areas

    Some areas in Kananaskis have reliable cell service to buy the pass on your mobile device.

    • Available service: Kananaskis Village area, Canmore Nordic Centre area, select day use areas accessed off of Trans Canada Highway 1, Highway 1A and 1X.
    • Not typically available: Along the eastern reaches of Hwy 1A, Hwy 68 (Sibbald Corridor), Smith Dorian/Spray Trail - Hwy 742, Hwy 66 (Elbow Valley), Hwy 546 (Sheep Valley), Hwy 541 and 532 (Highwood), Hwy 40 South including Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and is generally intermittent along Hwy 40 into Kananaskis Country.
  • Pass conditions
    • Only one pass per vehicle is required. The pass qualifies the vehicle, not the passengers.
    • Day passes expire at 11:59 p.m. on the day for which the pass is valid.
    • Annual passes are valid for a full calendar year (365 days) from date of purchase.
    • Camping fees in parks, and user fees for specialized facilities like the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, still apply.
    • The public land camping pass will not be needed in the Kananaskis Conservation Pass area.

    Learn more about recreation opportunities in Kananaskis parks and Kananaskis public lands use regulations, including the latest advisories.

  • Pass exemptions

    Exemptions will be available to:

    • First Nations people with Status
    • Some vehicles used for business purposes (facility operators and disposition, permit and contract holders)
    • Recipients of Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

    More information on exemptions, eligibility criteria, and application process will be shared before June 1. We are engaging with First Nations to identify the best ways to implement the exemption.

How fees will be used

Each Kananaskis Conservation Pass helps pay for:

  • Conservation - protecting habitat and reducing wildlife conflicts
  • Public safety - enforcement, search and rescue
  • Services and facilities - trails, day-use areas, recreation facilities, visitor and information centres

How it’s enforced

Licence plates of vehicles stopped or parked in Kananaskis will be scanned. Visitors can purchase their passes before midnight on the date of their visit, even if their plate has already been scanned.

Owners of non-compliant vehicles may receive a warning or be sent a fine in the mail.

Information on fine amounts, fine payment processes, and timelines will be shared by June 1.