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The information on this page is relevant until the end of the 2019-20 school year. However, significant changes are coming. A new K to 12 funding model will be implemented in fall 2020. Learn more about the new K to 12 funding model.


Funding for K-12 education in Alberta is provided primarily on a per student basis. The funding framework allocates funding to school authorities based on the location of the school authority and its schools and local population characteristics.

The current funding framework is distributed through base instruction funding. Additional funding is supported for unique characteristics such as the number of English as a second language learners, the socio-economic status of the local population, and for geographic location (i.e. Northern Allowance). Funding to school authorities is also provided through targeted funding for provincial initiatives, other provincial support, and capital funding. The majority of the funding framework grants is flexible, meaning school authorities have the discretion to use these funds to meet the needs of their students.

The Funding Manual provides details of the funding formula and allocation approach for the school year, including:

  • funding criteria
  • Funding Rates
  • reporting requirements
  • payment schedule

Funding from the Alberta government supports the provision of approved education programs for students and children in Early Childhood services (ECS) to Grade 12.

Funding Manual

Alberta Funding Manuals are available by year.

Summary of significant changes

Some of these changes may not apply to all authority types. Changes are indicated throughout the manual with the words "Revised" or "New" in the left side margin of the page.


Funding application forms are available in electronic format on the Alberta Education website.

You must have an Extranet ID and your Secretary-Treasurer must have given authorization to the Help Desk for you to access these forms. Only the Secretary-Treasurer may submit these funding application forms.


Funding Handbooks are available by year.

Funding rates