Invasive fish are non-native species introduced into aquatic ecosystems. These species:

  • have high reproductive abilities
  • compete with native species for food and resources
  • disrupt ecosystems, threatening native plant, fish and insect populations

Invasive fish species disrupt overall biological diversity of ecosystems, and impact recreational fisheries. All species found on this page have been detected in Alberta.

Common invasive fish species

This prohibited non-native fish outcompetes native species for resources and poses a risk to human health.
These common ornamental fish can pose significant harm to aquatic ecosystems when released into the wild.
This prohibited non-native fish outcompetes native species for food and resources through its high reproductive and competitive abilities.
This introduced fish disrupts aquatic ecosystems and poses potential threats to native fish.
This recently introduced fish has potential to disrupt aquatic ecosystems and pose threats to native fish.

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