The International Expert Panel will share expertise from other jurisdictions and inform the work of the Strategic Advisory Panel to help transform Alberta’s primary health care system. 

The panel will bring together experts in primary health, health systems transformation and Alberta’s primary health care system to work with members of the Strategic Advisory Panel to identify immediate and long term recommendations for making improvements, monitoring progress on initiatives and reducing pressure on the acute care system.

Recommendations from the panel will support the Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System initiative to strengthen primary health care in Alberta and ensure all Albertans have access to timely, appropriate primary health care services.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Health


The International Expert Panel will contribute to a final report, expected to be finalized in spring 2023, that will include a recommended strategy to modernize Alberta's primary health care system. The panel's work will be guided by the following goals:

  • Access - All Albertans have access to timely, appropriate primary health care services from a regular provider or team. Care options are flexible and reflect individual and population health needs.
  • Integration - Every Albertan has a health home that provides primary health care services and seamless transitions to other health, social and community services. 
  • Quality - Albertans receive high quality services from an accountable, innovative and sustainable primary health care system. Health service delivery is evidence informed, follows best practices and uses resources efficiently.
  • Albertans as partners - Albertans are partners in achieving their health and wellness goals. Health services are proactive, recognize and address underlying influences on health outcomes, and respect individual needs and preferences.
  • Culturally safe and appropriate care - First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples have access to high quality, culturally safe care designed and delivered in a manner that respects their unique health care needs.


Recommendations from the panel will help inform improvements to Alberta's primary health care system over the next 10 years.

Panel members

The International Expert Panel is comprised of members with expertise in primary health care, health systems transformation and Alberta’s primary health care system.

Dr. Jennifer Njenga, co-chair

Dr. Jennifer Njenga is the CEO and founder of Canada Homecare Group. She is an Edmonton-based physician with experience in several countries including South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Dr Njenga has a special interest in primary care, public health, Indigenous health, and maternal and child health. She has worked with vulnerable populations including seniors, refugees, and Indigenous communities. Her experience includes participating in the development and implementation of the Greater Auckland Integrated Health Network, localization of the Canterbury Pathways in Primary Care and the 20,000 Days Campaign in New Zealand, aimed at reducing hospital demand by formation of Collaborative Teams that provided healthcare in the community and streamlined referral processes.

Dr. Richard Lewanczuk, co-chair

Dr. Richard Lewanczuk is the Senior Medical Director for Health System Integration for Alberta Health Services. Prior to this, he was the Senior Medical Director for Primary Health Care for AHS, a position he held for 10 years. During this time, he was actively involved in the evolution of Primary Care Networks. Dr. Lewanczuk obtained his MD and PhD at the University of Alberta. He previously served as Medical Director of Chronic Disease Management for the Capital Health Authority. Dr. Lewanczuk is currently a Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta but still co-chairs the Department of Medicine Working Group on Social Determinants of Health. Dr. Lewanczuk is actively involved both nationally and internationally in areas related to primary care and health system integration.

Last updated: September 23, 2022