Indigenous primary health care funding – Patient Navigator Grant

Investing in Indigenous communities to provide access to care for First Nations, Métis and Inuit patients.


The community-based Indigenous Patient Navigator Grant Program (Navigator Program) is intended to address the immediate challenges facing Indigenous patients, communities and organizations. It will do this by providing financial support to First Nations, Métis and Indigenous-serving organizations to recruit and retain Navigators to support patients through the primary health care system, community and social service agencies and other relevant supports for their health and well- being.

The Navigator Program is intended to improve Indigenous patient access and experiences when accessing the primary health care system by:

  • supporting the provision of cultural and community-specific assistance and support to Indigenous persons navigating the health care system or receiving care
  • working to support and promote health literacy, health education
  • organizing and coordinating access to care services and connections to providers within the patients circle of care including logistical support, when needed
  • providing and facilitating individualized planning for Indigenous persons to assist with access to and navigation through the health care system throughout their health care journey
  • building connections with and between Indigenous persons and patients, and service providers, to improve access to primary health care services and overall continuity of care

The call for proposals of this funding program has now closed. Check back for list of successful proponents soon.


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