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Several historic sites that are closed due to COVID-19 are posting new content online, using the tag #MuseumFromHome.

There’s still so much to explore in Alberta’s history:


Experience Alberta's history at the many provincially-owned historic sites, interpretive centres and museums. You'll find heritage experiences that range from the quaint and charming to the incredible and awe-inspiring.

This monumental aqueduct system stands as an engineering feat and a testament to the hardy agricultural pioneers who developed the region.
Discover the life and work of Father Lacombe and early settlement in St. Albert. Explore the chapel, grotto, and cemetery. (Status: closed for now)
Take a trip through time and experience the 1796 fur trade history, the life of the voyageurs and Indigenous peoples of the area. (Status: closed for now)
Canada’s deadliest rockslide buried part of a town under 110 million tonnes of limestone on April 29, 1903, killing more than 90 people. (Status: open June 20)
In the mid-1880s, aggressive government attempts to settle First Nations people on reserves set off a violent backlash at Frog Lake.
Explore 6,000 years of Indigenous plains culture, at the oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump in North America. (Status: closed for now)
Explore the stories of Indigenous, fur trade and mission life through four historic buildings on the banks of the mighty Peace River. (Status: closed for now)
Explore the graceful ruins of an early 1900s Canadian-owned Crowsnest Pass coal mining company.
Lougheed House, the Beltline's hub of cultural happenings and programs, is a National and Provincial Historic Site, museum and restaurant.
Discover the history, science and technology of the oil sands. It’s the closest you can get without boots and a hard hat! (Status: open June 20)
This prominent southern Alberta geological landmark is a historical site of great spiritual significance to the Blackfoot peoples.
Discover Alberta's past through millions of documents, photos, films and other records about our history. (Status: open June 23)
The largest museum of its kind in the world, with the largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles on display in North America. (Status: open June 20)
This museum’s vast collection of cars, airplanes, tractors and industrial machines offers a dynamic exploration of our mechanical heritage. (Status: open June 20)
Visit the largest museum in western Canada for a history of Alberta you won’t find anywhere else! (Status: open May 16)
Celebrate the spectacular diversity of life on Earth, from the tiniest grain of pollen to the mightiest dinosaur, at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. (Status: open May 22)
This historic home of Alberta’s first premier, Alexander Cameron Rutherford, comes alive with costumed interpreters, guided tours and special events. (Status: closed for now)
Experience the historically furnished 1927 home of Stephan G. Stephansson, Icelandic pioneer and one of Canada’s most prolific poets. (Status: closed for now)
Come explore Western Canada's first commercial oilfield and the birthplace of Alberta's petroleum industry. (Status: closed for now)
Step back in time at this open-air museum where vibrant costumed role-players depict early settlement in east central Alberta from 1892-1930. (Status: open June 20)
Explore the transitional history, from early fur trade to establishing a mission and settlement that became the town of Pakan. (Status: closed for now)