Heritage conservation and protection

Heritage programs and activities, heritage survey and markers, and listings and designation of provincial resources.


Learn about Alberta’s heritage markers, including how to apply for a new one.

Access and contribute to Alberta's Heritage Survey database of over 100,000 historic places.

Search for provincially protected historic places and apply to designate a Provincial Historic Resource.

Nominate an individual, organization, corporation, school, municipality, First Nation or Metis Settlement for their efforts to protect, preserve and promote Alberta's heritage.

Owners of designated historic resources can get help with conservation and rehabilitation of their properties.

Know more about the support for heritage in Alberta through programs and funding.

An assessment may be required before a development activity begins if the project may impact Alberta’s historic resources.

Developers, land owners and land use planners may need to get approval under the Historical Resources Act (HRA) before beginning a project.

Find lands in Alberta that contain, or are likely to contain, historic resources.

Information for municipalities on how to identify and protect historic resources.

Public non-profit museums can apply to transfer items to their facility.