Groundwater is a vital resource in Alberta, supplying various domestic, municipal, agricultural and industrial water needs. More than 600,000 rural Albertans depend on groundwater for drinking water purposes.

Groundwater also helps to maintain lake levels and river flows. To manage groundwater effectively, we must understand its occurrence, movement and quality.

Improving our knowledge of groundwater resources is a key priority for the Government of Alberta. As we acquire a better understanding of groundwater we can implement policies and actions to manage this resource in a sustainable manner.

Information about groundwater is organized under the headings: Education, Regulation and Policy, and Science and Knowledge.

The Education section contains information on basic groundwater principals regarding its occurrence, movement and quality. It also highlights ways in which the provincial government is reaching out to Albertans to help them learn more about groundwater and safely manage their groundwater supplies.

The Regulation and Policy section compiles guidelines, standards, policies, frameworks and strategies that are relevant to groundwater in Alberta. The tools used to ensure protection of groundwater resources from various activities are found in this section, as well as links to important initiatives such as the Water for Life Strategy and Land-use Framework.

The Science and Knowledge section contains numerous sources of groundwater data, information, maps and assessments both inside and outside the Government of Alberta. This information is critical in understanding the resource and is the foundation for developing effective policies around the wise use and management of groundwater.

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