• About government

    Alberta government organizational structure, ceremony and protocol, public use buildings, and properties for sale.

  • Bills and legislation

    Government of Alberta bills, acts, amendments, and new and proposed legislation.

  • Connect with government

    Engage with government and get the latest news releases, blog posts, audio statements and videos.

  • Data, publications and information management

    Alberta government datasets. maps, publications and statistics, and how government protects and manages information.

  • Doing business with government

    Information for vendors interested in conducting business with the Government of Alberta.

  • Government of Alberta finances

    Budget, business plans, annual reports, savings, expense and compensation disclosure, audits and treasury management.

  • Infrastructure and transportation

    Projects, properties and policies that involve doing business with and oversight from government.

  • Priorities and initiatives

    Alberta government initiatives and strategies support the achievement of key priorities.

  • Taxes and levies

    Overview of personal and business taxes and levies, Alberta’s tax advantage and links to programs and services.

  • Unclaimed property

    How to find and claim your missing property, and information about the responsibilities of property holders.