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Sometimes more has to be said on a topic than what goes into a news release. These articles share more about what the minister or their ministry is doing. Use the search feature to find articles on specific topics or from a ministry.

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Red Dress Day honours the spirits of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.
Topic: Indigenous relations
Alberta’s government is taking action to reduce domestic violence for all people across Alberta.
Topic: Indigenous relations
Alberta’s government has taken one more concrete step towards making reconciliation a lived reality.
Topic: Indigenous relations
Widens the door to self-determining Metis Settlements.
Topic: Indigenous relations
A challenging year that drew us together.
Topic: Year in review
As the minister of Indigenous Relations, I have been honoured and moved by many moments and acts of reconciliation I shared with Indigenous Peoples in Alberta.
Topic: Indigenous relations
Cutting red tape frees up time and energy that is best spent where it matters most: community building and economic recovery.
Topic: Red tape reduction
Iridescent oyster shell used as a bowl with twine inside
Our job is to build a future where Indigenous women can look ahead to a bright future and not over their shoulders, in fear of their lives.
Topic: Indigenous relations
One thing has become clear to me as Minister of Indigenous Relations: relationship is the basis for everything.
Topic: Indigenous relations
A true partnership between Alberta’s government and Indigenous communities can lead to a strong recovery for all Albertans.
Topic: Alberta's Recovery Plan
Bringing justice and healing to the families and communities who have lost so much.
Topic: Indigenous relations