Government House – Booking space

Registered, non-profit groups can request to rent space in Government House for meetings or events by following the steps below.


Government House is a closed Government of Alberta meeting facility and is not available to the general public to host private functions such as graduation or wedding ceremonies or receptions, birthdays, retirement celebrations nor any other private gatherings. This includes a policy of no photography offered inside the venue.


Registered non-profit organizations carrying liability insurance in the amount of $2 million can apply to book space for meetings and events at Government House, and must understand and agree:

  • all Alberta government business will take priority
  • spaces will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis
  • the rental of an individual meeting room or space inside Government House does not allow for exclusive use of the facility; other events in separate areas of the building maybe occurring at the same time

Registered non-profit organizations must be registered under the Alberta Societies Act.

Hours of availability

Meeting spaces are only made available for booking during weekday evenings (Monday to Friday), from 4:30 pm until 10 pm.

Booking policies and procedures

Use of space

Alberta government accommodation takes priority and could result in an applicant’s approved event being rescheduled. Every effort will be made to accommodate an alternate date should an event need to be rescheduled.

Most of the meeting and event spaces in Government House can accommodate audio and visual equipment. There are no additional costs for any audio and visual equipment should it be required for a meeting or event. All available spaces for booking include wireless access to the internet (Wi-Fi) and the use of a laptop and accompanying AV equipment (screens/monitors) for in-room presentation needs only. Virtual meeting participation needs such as video or teleconferencing will be addressed on a case by case basis by the Manager of Venues.

Reserved space can only be used for the approved purpose (per the meeting or event application submitted). Any change of purpose after application approval must be submitted in writing to the Manager of Venues for consideration of additional terms.

Application and submission

Eligible applicants requesting facility-use must submit a scanned copy of the completed Facility Rental Application along with required organizational documentation, at least 4 weeks in advance of the requested facility-use date.

Supporting documentation will need to include proof of organizational registration under the Societies Act within the Province of Alberta and proof of liability insurance in the amount of $2 million as outlined in the application.

Ensure all documents are completed and legible and all signatures are clear.

The completed application form and its supporting insurance and registration documentation need to be submitted as individual electronic files such as PDFs but emailed together as one application package.

Complete application packages can be emailed to Government House Information Inquiries at: [email protected]

Confirmation of booking

Confirmation of Space

If your booking request is approved, the Manager of Venues will email correspondence to the application’s lead contact(s) that outlines the venue policies and required information for the meeting or event.

There is no cost for registered non-profit organizations to book meeting or event space in Government House.

Food and beverages

Government House has a contracted caterer and the applicant must use the services of this caterer for onsite food and beverages needs. Outside food and beverage is not permitted onsite.

All catering arrangements must be made directly with the Manager of Venues and confirmed 5 business days prior to the meeting or event date.

Upon approval of a request to use Government House, the Manager of Venues will email correspondence to the application’s lead contact(s) to provide catering details and available menu options.


Please notify the Manager of Venues at the earliest convenience of any booking cancellations.

There is no monetary penalty to cancel venue bookings, however, pending the timelines of the cancellation request, some catering charges may still apply.


Connect with Government House Information Inquiries:

Phone: 780-427-2281
Email: [email protected]

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