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Before you can screen a film trailer in Alberta, you must first register and then apply to get your trailer rated.


After you get a film distribution licence, you can apply to get a film rating for feature films, trailers or other content to be screened in Alberta theatres.

You must get a rating before you can screen content in Alberta theatres for an admission fee, including trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs). Once the content is rated, the rating will be published online. The online classification listing is the official record of the trailer’s rating. There is no printed certificate.

The ratings for trailers must be equal to or lower than the rating of any film they precede.

Please provide 3 to 5 weeks of lead time for staff to schedule your trailer or other content for classification prior to public screening.

Ratings fees for commercial distributors

Ratings fees for trailers are determined by the number of theatre screens it will be displayed on in Alberta.

 The following fees are effective as of April 1, 2018:

  • $12.00 CAD per trailer for each screen in Alberta

Other costs

All distributors, including commercial and non-profit organizations, are responsible for shipping arrangements and payment of submitted film materials for classification.

Trailer format submission

Trailers should be provided using professional online screeners, such as Vimeo. Other high quality video sources will be accepted as necessary.

If the quality of the format provided is low, staff reserves the right to require a higher quality screening format.

Report the final number of screens

To finalize ratings fees, you must report the total number of screens in Alberta on which the trailer or other content will be displayed.

You may provide this information after the trailer or other content has received its rating, when the final number of screens has been confirmed.

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