Get a film distribution licence

Before you can screen a film in Alberta, you must first register with Alberta Film Classification.


All film distributors that want to screen content in Alberta theatres must first register with Alberta Film Classification. Your registration must be renewed annually.

Film distributors provide feature films, trailers, filmed live performances and advertisements to Alberta's theatres. Film distributors can be commercial organizations, non-profit organizations, film festivals or community groups.

After your annual registration, you must apply for a film or trailer to be rated prior to screening.

Registration fees for commercial distributors

The following fees are effective as of April 1, 2018:

  • $540.00 CAD for an annual film distribution licence (January 1 to December 31)
  • $45.00 CAD pro-rated monthly fee for sporadic screenings while your films are in theatres

You will be invoiced for registration fees within four weeks of application. Cheques must be in Canadian dollars.

Registration fees do not cover the costs of getting a rating: these are classification fees and are charged separately per individual film or trailer.

How to register with Alberta Film Classification

Commercial distributors may fill out the form below to register with Alberta Film Classification.

Film festivals, non-profit organizations and community groups can register by organizing a community screening event.

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

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