See below for the steps you should take if you find dead wildlife or naturally shed animal parts (like antlers) you wish to keep or make use of.

For Naturally Shed Wildlife Parts

In Alberta, naturally shed wildlife parts, such as antlers, can be kept or sold without a special permit, as long as they were found outside of a provincial or national park or other protected area.

  1. If you have found a skull, bone, or any other wildlife part that you are hoping to keep, contact the nearest Fish and Wildlife office.
  2. If you plan to export naturally shed wildlife parts for sale or otherwise, check to ensure wildlife laws in the receiving jurisdiction do not require permits or apply restrictions.

For Salvaging Meat

If you have found a road-killed animal and would like to salvage the meat, contact the nearest Fish and Wildlife Division district office prior to taking such wildlife into your possession.

  1. Explain the circumstances and where the carcass was found, keeping in mind that approvals to salvage meat are given on a case-by-case basis.
  2. A Fish and Wildlife officer will advise you whether further investigation or inspection of the carcass will be required.

For Found Dead Wildlife

You must apply for a Permit to Possess Found Dead Wildlife.

  1. Contact the nearest Fish and Wildlife Division district office to report what you have found and make arrangements to bring the carcass in as soon as possible.
  2. If the officer is satisfied that all legal conditions are met, a permit may be issued for a $10 fee.
  3. Wildlife possessed under this permit may not be sold, but you can apply to have the permit transferred to another resident.


To find contact information for an Alberta Fish and Wildlife Office nearest you, see: